Brumby Signs Important Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture SigningBrumby Aircraft Australia in July 2014 signed a joint venture agreement with the giant Chinese civilian and military aircraft manufacturer the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to manufacture Brumby designed aircraft in China for sale into the Chinese and world markets.

Witnessing the signing were  the  NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner, Federal Member for Hume Angas Taylor, the State Member for Burrinjuck Katrina Hodgkinson, Brumby Aircraft Director Paul Goard and Chen Pai, Project Manager, AVIC Fujian. The agreement was signed by Jiang Congping President of AVIC Fujian and Brumby Aircraft Australia Director Philip Goard.

AVIC are a little known entity outside China however with annual revenue in excess of AU$27 billion, they are ranked number 330 on the Forbes Fortune 500 companies index.

AVIC produce components for aircraft and jet engine manufacturers  including such household names as Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, Honeywell, Bombardier,  Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce.

Forbes magazine in an article in 2011, described AVIC as: “China’s 800-pound gorilla of all things commercial aviation, from manufacturing and R&D to procurement and investment.”

The president of Boeing, Jim Albaugh, summed up AVIC’s importance in the global aviation supply chain saying that “There is not a plane we build that doesn’t have parts from China in it.”

Paul Goard, a Director of Brumby Aircraft, said “I am thrilled that this massive Chinese aviation corporation with such strong links to the world commercial and military aircraft industry has chosen Brumby Aircraft to partner with them in their first venture into the realm of Light Sport Aircraft manufacture”.

Ross McRae, Director of Marketing for Brumby Aircraft said: “it’s a testament to the design qualities and inherent strength of Brumby aircraft that a company that builds guided missiles, military attack helicopters and large passenger carrying commercial aircraft would so enthusiastically enter into such a commercially significant joint venture agreement with a small regional aircraft builder like Brumby.”

In practice, this joint venture agreement means that Brumby Australia will have a significant boost in resources which will materially assist Brumby to deliver finished product to customers in less than half the time it’s currently taking.

When the joint venture is fully implemented,  airframes will be manufactured in China to Brumby specifications and under Brumby’s quality control. The completed airframes will then be sent to the Brumby factory in Cowra, NSW at which time the engine, instruments, radios and any special paint options will be added before the aircraft is finally flight tested, certified by Brumby Australia and released to the customer.

Governor General David Hurley visits Cowra Brumby Factory

On 2nd May 2016, the Cowra factory was visited by NSW Governor General David Hurley and his wife Linda along with State Member for Cootamunda Katrina Hodgson and Local Cowra Mayor Bill West. A tour of the facility was provide by CEO/Designer Philip Goard and Managing Director Paul Goard.

 CWA Visits Cowra Brumby Factory

On 3rd May 2016, Members of the CWA along with family and friends has tour of the Cowra facility.