Brumby 600 LSA


With the easy-to-fly look and feel of a light sport aircraft but with the touring and turbulence handling capabilities of a much bigger cross-country steed, the Brumby 600 LSA low wing gives you the best of both worlds.

Having a less serious nature than its high wing sibling, the Brumby 600 LSA is flying enjoyment at its best. Its light and responsive handling, its excellent visibility and its performance in the climb and cruise ensures this aircraft will put the fun back in flying.

Pilots converting from general aviation particularly will appreciate the qualities of the Brumby 600 LSA. The spacious and open feel of the big bubbly canopy provides superb visibility. The 600’s lighter and more responsive feel will be refreshingly different, and the luxury of its glass cockpit panel will show GA pilots that they can have the latest technology in the cockpit for relatively little money compared to the older “steam” instruments they are used to.

With cruise speeds in the 105 – 110 knot mark and an endurance of almost 5 hours, the Brumby 600 LSA is a highly capable aircraft. But the raw technical numbers can’t show you just how capable this aircraft can be on a cross-country trip. The numbers can’t show you how well the 600 LSA handles the vagaries of wind and turbulence that are part-and-parcel of longer cross-country trips. The truth is that the Brumby 600 LSA is built like a little general aviation aircraft and you can feel that extra strength when flying.

So if you are in the market for a new high performance LSA please give the Brumby factory a ring and come and see for yourself how strongly these aircraft are built.

Brumby 600 Specifications

Wing Span 28 ft (8.5 m)
Wing Area 105 sq.ft (9.75 sq.m)
Fuselage Length 20 ft (6 m)
Cockpit Width 42.5" (1079.5 mm)
Engine Options Rotax 912s and 912is (fuel injected model)
Fuel Capacity 130 L
Baggage 6 sq.ft (0.56 sq.m)
Maximum Take-off Weight 600 kg
Empty Weight 350 kg
Cruise Speed @ 75% Power 110 kts for Rotax 912s @ 18 L per hr
Stall Speed 40 kts
VNE 140 kts
Climb Speed 70 – 75 kts
Rate of Climb 1000 fpm
Landing Speed 60 kts

Brumby 600 Performance

The Brumby 600 LSA performed superbly throughout the ASTM outlined flight tests. The video below shows the test pilot preforming a series of spins (1 rotation to the left, 2 to left, 1 to right & 2 to right) to gauge the recovery response of the Brumby 600. The aircraft recovers from each spin quickly and easily within a quarter rotation. The Brumby 600 LSA is not approved for intentional spinning.

Brumby 600 Gallery