We’re Brumby and we build Top Quality Aircraft –

but what’s an LSA?

The term LSA refers to a relatively new class of aircraft known as Light Sport Aircraft. By certification, LSA’s have a maximum take off weight (MTOW) of 600 kgs and can carry one pilot and a passenger. The introduction of the Light Sport Aircraft category represents a significant advance in aircraft technology world-wide.

New General Aviation (G.A) aircraft like, for example the Cessna 172, for most people represents a large financial investment not only in the initial purchase price but also in hourly operating costs and maintenance costs. So since the halcyon days of general aviation thirty or so years ago, sales of G.A. aircraft started to decline.

The solution to declining aircraft sales was the advent of the Light Sport Aircraft category. This new ‘recreational’ category of aircraft suddenly opened up the potential for many more people to both purchase a new LSA of their own and also learn to fly at a price significantly lower than was possible under the G.A. category.

But today the term ‘recreational’ or ‘sport’ might give the wrong impression. Brumby for instance build LSA aircraft that are almost as fast as the Cessna 172 at 1/3rd of the price, 50% of the operating costs and 60% of the maintenance costs.

Brumby Aircraft Australia prides itself on building super strong and easy to fly Light Sport Aircraft.  Flying is fun, fast and freeing and a Brumby LSA puts you there in one of the strongest, safest and most forgiving LSAs around.